Thin-Film Intumescent Mastics & Epoxies

Norkote has been a certified applicator of intumescent coatings to interior and exterior spaces long before they became popular in today’s marketplace. These coatings are primarily used for meeting space requirements and aesthetic considerations as they are applied at a much reduced thickness as regular SFRM’s to meet the same fire ratings. The intumescent coating is a thick paint-like liquid and, if a fire occurs, it intumesces (swells) and forms an insulating char around the steel substrate.

A great deal of confusion exists today in our industry as INTUMESCENT FIREPROOFING products are often mistaken for INTUMESCENT FIRE-RETARDANT products. The FIREPROOFING products are tested for hourly ratings per full scale fire tests (ASTM E119) and FIRE-RETARDANTS are tested for surface burning characteristics (ASTM E84). INTUMESCENT FIREPROOFING products need specific temperature/humidity controls with attentiveness to compatibility of primers and thickness application requirements put on with heavy duty commercial/industrial spray equipment. They can take a day or several days to apply depending on hourly rating thickness requirements.  FIRE-RETARDANTS are sold in paint stores and can be applied with rollers and brushes. They can meet the thickness requirements in one day.

Intumescent Fireproofing products are more cost effective at lower hourly ratings and thickness requirements. We can assist design teams and building constructors in the most effective way of utilizing these products. We often do these coatings in our heated and covered shop and send them to the jobsite complete or with minimal patching requirements of the connections.

Building Excellence in Our Community

Building excellence is in our DNA as a company, and has been part of our culture since we were founded in 1952. Our team members focus on integrity, excellence and safety on every project, every day. High-quality, safe construction is a beautiful asset to our communities and so we are dedicated to doing the job right, every time.

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