Allen Institute


  1. Being a specialty contractor, Norkote, needs a written agreement either via contract or purchase order signed by an authorized representative to pay Norkote for the service of performing a scope of work described in purchase order or contract. This allows us to order materials and supply submittal packages.
  2. The contract or purchase order with insurance requirements now allows Norkote’s insurance company to issue an insurance certification prior to any work being performed on a jobsite. Insurance certification should be as directed by owner or general contractor.  No work should be performed until the contract and/or purchase order and insurance form is acceptable to both parties.
  3. Once the contract and insurance certification are in place, our project superintendent needs to physically visit the jobsite and meet with project supervision to discuss jobsite preparation and sequencing for completion of work.
  4. Prior to any application of coatings by Norkote, the general contractor should confirm that all surface preparation items have been identified and remedied prior to commencing work. The steel that will be coated should be free of anything that would impair adhesion i.e., primer, form release, concrete splatter, loose mill scale etc.
  5. Make sure welding inspections have been completed and a special inspector has been notified for Norkote’s scope of work. The inspector will need to be on the jobsite prior to our completion of work to ensure work has met the thickness density requirements.  It is in every party’s best interest to avoid remobilizing to jobsite for minor corrections.
  6. Adequate power, water, and dumpster for waste are always excluded items in our contracts and purchase orders. We usually need a minimum of 208 V single phase 50 Amp power on a dedicated circuit for our machines to operate properly.  We have cords and temp boxes, but will need a circuit with a pig tail and cord end.  We also need access to a water hose bib that we can attach our water hoses.  Access to a dumpster is required for general housekeeping during our work.
  7. Our work environment needs to be clear of other trades and store material. We need 100% access to the flooring area in order to move our scaffolds and floor tarps safely.  We do not expect to move other trade’s materials or personal items.  Our work is slippery and messy.  Therefore, other trades need to stay out of the area where we are working for their safety and annoyance factor.
  8. Nearing completion of our work, our foreman will request the special inspector to be present to confirm that our work meets the requirements, or that necessary corrections can be made concurrently with final spray operations so time and is not needlessly wasted remobilizing.
  9. Once work has been approved by special inspector, crews will begin final clean-up operations. Jobsite supervision will need to approve of Norkote’s clean-up operation prior to demobilization.  This step will ensure avoidance of future arguments if other trades happen to knock off our product after we have left the jobsite.
  10. Our goal is to complete a project with little or no wasted time for scope of work.  The more cooperation we get for these items, the quicker our work can be completed and quicker other trades follow working in our areas.